I considered titling this “Great Expectations” instead, but really didn’t feel like quoting the title of a book I haven’t even read yet, let alone write a misleading title. No, this post does not have to do with the novel.

Anyway. At times I think I have higher expectations for myself than others do, and sometimes I feel that I don’t have high enough expectations of myself. Typically the latter. I do want great things for myself, but I realize that I often don’t do everything in my power to make those wants a reality.

Expectations. Noun: “A belief that something will happen or is likely to happen; a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will be.”

They can surprise you, they can change over time, they can become reality to make way for new ones. They can be something that makes or breaks you, whether accomplished or not.

They say “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” I admire this quote for its truth value. It implies that you should expect something great of yourself, and work for it.

Really, I’m just using this as a motivational post for myself. I have been slacking in several areas in my life; fitness, health, job, relationships. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and think that you’re so far off that it’s not even worth it to try and start realizing the expectations you once had.

Not. True.

There is no better time than the present to start changing. Eventually, today turns into a memory. Today turns into a part of the past. Everyone has to start somewhere, so why is now not right?

Excuses, that’s why.

Excuses are the undoing of it all. They are also not in short supply. You can find one for any occasion, really. Not feeling motivated? Blame it on anything but yourself. Failed a test? Blame it on the teacher making the test too hard. Lost a sporting game? Blame it on your teammates.

In the end, you can only be accountable for yourself and your own actions. Excuses can only get you so far and can only be used so many times before others see you as someone who just can’t be responsible for their own mistakes. Sure, sometimes things are not actually your fault. But the majority of the time, this is actually not the case; we just flat out don’t want to be accountable for our shortcomings.

I will be the first to admit that I make excuses more than I should. I have made multiple grand, sweeping declarations that I’m going to start working on such-and-such aspect of my life that I wind up giving up after a short period of time, blaming it on not having enough time to do it. The reality is, if it’s something that means enough to you, you will MAKE the time for it to happen, make the time to make those dreams and expectations of yourself a reality.

Most of the time I’ve done this with exercise/health goals. I say I’m going to start treating myself better and I get lazy. I say I’m going to start eating right and/or exercising more, and it does last for a short while…before it slowly dies away like the fading light of a sunset.

My goal right now? To stop doing that. I’ve started the Insanity workout program (another grand expectation I had for myself last year, before quitting three days into the program…not exactly a shining moment for me. #embarrassing…). This time, though, I am really hoping I can motivate myself to get through it. I am wanting so badly to stop making excuses for myself, and my laziness with my health is something I have been making excuses for for awhile now.

As someone reading my blog, clearly you either know me personally and care about me, or you randomly stumbled upon it (and by now probably find it a waste of time…sorry dude). If you are the former, or even if you are the latter and want to participate in my plea, I ask you to help respect and encourage my expectation of myself. I will not rely on this; it will merely help me stay motivated and encouraged, knowing that other people out there are on my side. In return, I will promise to help you with your expectations.

Obviously I have many other expectations for myself. This one, however, is one that I am really trying to focus on at the moment. Taking it one day at a time. Not something I’m very good at, but life’s all about personal growth and betterment, right?


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