Part 2: The let down.

As you all have been anxiously awaiting, here is part two of my five, possibly six, part story.

If you reference my blog post “23,” I discuss how 23 is described oh-so-fittingly as the worst year of the 20s decade. I still wholeheartedly agree; 23 really was the worst year I’ve had so far. 24 didn’t start out so well, though, either.

Almost exactly one month into my new career, deep down I knew it was not a good fit. I knew that I would probably be looking for a job within the next few years, but I also knew that I needed to work really hard to keep my job, regardless of how little I enjoyed it. I was, however, blindsided when I was fired, two days before my 24th birthday, with no reason given.

Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

I made the embarrassing trek back home, my desk items all packed in my car, realizing that two days before my 24th birthday, I was unemployed. Talk about a good “Happy Birthday.”

I felt like it was the lowest I had ever been. It’s sad to admit it, but I sat around and cried like a baby for several days. Sure, I knew that it wasn’t a good fit, and I knew that it was probably going to wind up being better for me in the long run, but I couldn’t deny feeling like a failure. Anything anyone had to say to me, encouraging me that I will find a better fit, telling me how smart/intelligent/successful I am, giving me the “everything happens for a reason” spiel, cut even deeper. Nothing could help.

I wish that I could say I held my head high and went through life kicking ass and taking names as usual, but let’s be real. I’m human. I’m not unbreakable, I’m not the constant optimist I wish I could be. I’m not a character from an uplifting movie. Life gets me down sometimes, and this time I felt like I was shoved into a muddy ditch and then run over by a car.

Obviously I survived. If I could go back, I would tell my two-month-ago self to stop being so upset and to just see what would come my way in another month and a half.

As best as I could, though, I pushed through my birthday weekend. I had some amazing family and friends supporting me, and it meant the world to me. There were several breakdowns and multiple moments when I thought life couldn’t get any worse (those which I will discuss in my next blog post 🙂 ), but things started looking up for me eventually.

Cliffhangers. Don’t you hate ’em? 😉


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