And I will ALWAYS be Royal.

Taking a break in my life story update to discuss current events that were just too important to wait to discuss.

The past few weeks of the 2014 MLB Post Season have honestly been a dream. Many have called us a “team of destiny”, breaking records while sweeping our way through to the World Series. For me, it’s just been an amazing journey to be a part of. For the first time in my life, my team finally showed me I hadn’t been rooting for them for no reason.

The weeks leading up to the World Series showed me what it means for Kansas City fans to truly come together. Everywhere I went, I saw countless Royals car flags, businesses and homes withy decorations supporting the Royals and people wearing their Royals gear. I had strangers come up to me and we bonded over our love of the Royals and how amazing it has been to be a part of this journey.

Really, Kansas City fans are just the best. We are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans you will ever find, because we are not in it for the winning records. The Chiefs have only won one Super Bowl, the Royals have made it to two World Series Championships (winning one of them), and Sporting KC…well, they’re actually pretty damn good. I’m just not a huge soccer fan, so I haven’t been paying much attention…oops.

Anyway. Us fans are used to being teased and tormented for rooting for “losing” teams. And you know what? We’re okay with that. We are not fair-weather fans. After years of witnessing the Royals miss playoff after playoff, we finally had something to celebrate.

I can honestly say we played our hearts out last night. It was a tough loss for me to witness, but we did nothing but our absolute best. It was an amazing World Series, an amazing journey, and we should be proud. We beat all the odds that were stacked against us, proving sports announcers and sports journalists wrong with their predictions. We swept our way through the ALCS and beat some records in the meantime. How can we be anything BUT proud?!

Despite feeling so much respect, however, I couldn’t help but feel sad. As I sat watching the Royals game in a local bar/grill, I sobbed like a baby while my friend patted my back. A stranger came up to give me a hug and told me that we will always have this postseason to remember, and countless others asked me if I was okay. For the moment, I wasn’t. I cried for the players, who worked so hard and who deserved that crown. I cried for us fans, who have put so much time and energy into devoting ourselves to this postseason and who watched our dreams shattered.

After a short while, I began to type up my feelings, which is typical for me when no pen and paper are handy. Excuse the rant, because I had a few beverages in my system, but this is what I wrote:

“You know, I’ve been a diehard Royals fan for a long time now. Obviously I’m disappointed in tonight’s results, but I will say this. I am no fair-weather fan. This is the first time our team has made it to the playoffs, and the World Series, in 29 years. Clearly I’m not in this because we’re a team heavily stocked with trophies. I’m a fan because our players are truly something special, and they choose to play for the Royals because of their love for the game. I respect that. The members of our team are truly talented individuals that have so much potential and so much in store for them. This post season has been nothing short of amazing. Should we have won tonight? Abso fuckin’ lutely. Not only did the players work their asses off to deserve it, but the fans deserved it too. Royals fans are some of the most loyal in the MLB. We are the fans that have dedicated our time and money to decorating downtown KC to show our support, to buying Royals gear and wearing it as much as possible and to watching every game this postseason. We are the fans that have never stopped supporting the Royals despite the long losing streak. This season, we finally got to see something amazing, showing us that all our dedication was not for nothing. We truly deserved to win this, both players and fans alike. Of course I am upset. I cried so hard for everything. For all of the torment and teasing I had suffered in the past for supporting a “losing team.” For the players. I truly had faith in us as a team. And you know what? I still do. We will return. It may not be next year, or even this decade, but we will return, and it will be an amazing comeback. Thank you, 2014 Royals, for never giving up. For showing us we really have a reason to believe in you. KC still supports you. Best of luck in the offseason, and I cannot wait to see what you bring next year.”

And I mean every word.

You go boys. 🙂

Love, an extremely avid Royals fan.

By the way, Tom Hanks was wrong. There definitely IS crying in baseball.


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