Part 3: It can only go up from here.

So, this is going to be a hard entry for me to write.

Not hard in that it’s emotionally difficult to think about, or that I don’t know what I want to say about it; I have plenty to say on the matter. It’s a matter of explaining how I felt without disclosing too much detail to avoid backlash.

Hmm. I guess I’ll try.

Well. I left off last post with my birthday weekend and how it was a difficult weekend to get through. What I didn’t reveal about that is how my birthday weekend got even worse. (Yeah, it’s possible.)

I’m not going to throw my boyfriend under the bus. I know plenty of people who read this know him and I very well, but no one needs to know the specific details of our relationship outside of the two of us. Every relationship is different. We have times when life is amazing together, followed by “rough patches” of being irritated/annoyed with one another, picking fights over small things, arguing, etc., just like every other couple on the planet, and we still love each other.

What sucks, however, is when the rough patches happen in the midst of other life-altering events.

For him, I think, seeing me so upset after losing my job and dealing with some other personal issues all at one time was hard for him. I was quite emotional and depressed, to be frank. Of course, in the almost-year-and-a-half we had been together at that point, we had seen our fair share of ups and downs and gotten through them together. This was just a whole different level. Instead of promising to work through it, we somewhat drifted. I was frustrated at him for his lack of understanding and he didn’t understand how to handle my emotions.

It was a very trying period on our relationship, and I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it.

On top of thinking I was about to lose someone I really love, I also had a falling out with a close friend. Again, I do not want to disclose too much information and throw anyone under the bus, and I will not mention names. However, when I lost my job, living arrangements were severely altered, causing a major rift in that relationship.

All I can really say about that it, sometimes two people can’t ever see the situation in the same light. The phrase, “there are two sides to every story,” is the absolute truth.

I wish I could say relationships, whether between friends or between couples, are easy and effortless. They are not. The weeks after my birthday definitely showed me that. I learned that sometimes the people we love are the ones that can disappoint us the most. I learned that every relationship has high points and low points. I learned that both parties have to work together to make things work. I learned that sometimes, certain events can cause harm to relationships that may never be fully reversible.

Obviously my boyfriend and I are still together. That’s the great thing about the “rough patches”; when two people care enough to get through them, it builds strength in their bond. I’m not going to end on some “love conquers all” cheesy note. But truth be told, it does feel great when obstacles can be overcome. My friend and I are still working on mending things, and I know that will take time. But, after overcoming my birthday weekend and the month and a half of unemployment/disappointment/turmoil that followed, things really did start to look up.

That’s one of life’s blessings. It is constantly moving, up and down, all different directions, and you have no idea where it will lead you next 🙂

Stay tuned to find out! 😛


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